HarbourFront Centre

social media agency harbourfront centre

Key Social Media & Marketing milestones

  • Social Media engagement based on key mall events
  • Spendsational Smiles Campaign which saw over 200 participants on Instagram
  • Know It To Win It Campaign which generated greatly increased engagement , ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook
  • HFC InstaFoodie Campaign which generated engagement and followers on Instagram
  • HFC CNY Foodie Catch, a GIF contest, which encouraged both online and offline engagement for the mall

Our team stood hand in hand with Harbourfront Centre as we ran two major campaigns simultaneously. The  HarbourFront Centre Spendsational Smiles Campaign was wildly successful and saw over 200 participants on Instagram. Meanwhile, the HarbourFront Centre Know It To Win It Campaign generated greatly increased engagement, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on Facebook. A number innovative campaigns have also been held, each generating positive sentiments from the public. Such examples include GIF contests, roving ambassador campaigns, photo/selfie/dedication contests featuring specific topics ranging from fashion, food and festivities.

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